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Patch Notes

Patch Notes

The Blog

Thanks for joining us here at Town Center Cold Pressed! Our blog posts are going to come in two different flavors!

Every first Saturday of the month you will get a firsthand look at our behind the scenes operations with our blog Post Titled: Town Center Cold Pressed Patch Notes

Patch Notes are a way that companies release updated information to the public about a product or service they offer and any upgrades or changes that may have happened from the last update.

Every third Saturday of the month we will dig deep into the heart of what makes Town Center Cold Pressed a one-of-a-kind unique experience in a Blog Post titled: The Town Center Cold Pressed Experience

The Experience blog posts will dive into knowledge, wisdom, our whys, and how-to’s concerning the superfoods we use, products we offer, and where you can find even more information about the high-quality food and beverages served here at Town Center Cold Pressed.

Town Center Cold Pressed will be distributing blog posts, newsletters, and exclusive emails ONLY to YOU - our dedicated fans and subscribers. You won't find this information anywhere else so make sure you keep us in your inbox, out of your junk folder, and check us out online!

Coffee cup

The Patch Notes

The Roastery

We are so excited to announce our merger with Jolly Roasters and introduce the new Town Center Cold Pressed Roastery that is almost open for business!

Providing one of a kind experiences with the infusion of on-location roasted coffee, alcohol, tapas, and vision of culture and appreciation, the Roastery will be the embodiment of class and style.

Opening in only a few short weeks!

Find out more at our new website by clicking here.

Give our Roastery Instagram a follow, click here!

Get an EXCLUSIVE first look at our Press Release! Click here to download the article!!

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! (Tell a friend! We don't mind!)

Meet Your Roasters

Hi everyone!  We want to introduce you to our coffee roasters:  Brenda Jolly and Will Libby. Previously Brenda owned Jolly Roasters Coffee Co. and Will was a barista at a great cafe outside of Nashville.  We recently announced our merge with Jolly Roasters Coffee Co. and our new Roastery opening this spring. As we gear up for our opening we wanted to take a second to introduce you to our roasters and let you know our locally roasted, small batch coffees have hit the shelves in all of our cafes.  So without further ado meet Brenda & Will our dynamic roasting duo.


  • Your quintessential coffee hipster - long hair, tats & skinny jeans all day every day
  • His palate is ridiculous -- if you want to shoot the breeze about the notes in your cup he’s your guy!
  • He will crack corny jokes
  • His favorite food is pizza


  • Born and raised in Hampton Roads
  • Loves to travel
  • Favorite food is steak and ice cream but not together
  • She first fell in love over coffee in 2007 and then fell in love with coffee at Be A Good Neighbor in Harajuku, Tokyo
  • Favorite coffee beverage: a cappuccino with a side of espresso. She loves a cappuccino but nothing shows the quality of the coffee like a well-extracted shot of espresso.


The Cafe


Our new Flagship location on Monticello Ave (Click here to see location) now has all of our new Town Center Cold Pressed Merchandise on display!
Whether it's a reminder to keep your juice at 42 degrees (the perfect temperature to keep cold pressed juice) or you need a high quality travelers pack to take all of your life with you on the go - our merchandise which includes T-shirts, Travelers Backpacks, Fitted Caps, and more - all of our swag is available.
Finally - something to wear that matches your lifestyle!
Online Shopping will be available soon!

Coffee Bags

Thanks to our new Roastery, Town Center Cold Pressed is now offering our Coffee in brand new bags available RIGHT NOW for purchase!
Come into ANY of our locations (Click here to see where we are!) and you'll be able to pick up your very own bag of Town Center Cold Pressed Coffee to take home with you! Find your favorite!


Town Center Cold Pressed is offering a FREE coffee cupping event!
Cupping coffee is the practice of experiencing the different tastes and aromas of brewed coffee.
Brenda Jolly has coordinated a fresh take on a classic method of enjoying coffee at it's finest.
Get your tickets NOW before we no longer have room! Tickets are almost sold out already!
Our first cuppings will be March 9th and March 23rd at 2PM!
Thanks so much for enjoying Town Center Cold Pressed in your cup, on your plate, in a bowl, and as part of your Tribe.
Until next time!