From increased energy and stamina to better sleep, the positive effects of a well-planned cleanse are endless.


Cleansing is a gift that just keeps on giving. From increased energy and stamina to better sleep, the positive effects of a well-planned cleanse are endless.

1. Begin to break old, bad habits and rebuild your body.

2. Solidify a long-term commitment to better health and nutrition.

3. Improve digestion and ‘elimination’

4. Increase energy and stamina.

5. Decrease toxicity that is absorbed into the body from everyday environmental pollutants (note that activated charcoal works to attack bacteria).

6. Repair your body’s natural metabolism by filtering out processed foods, alcohol, sugar, and red meat.

7. Rid of excess water retention.

8. Strengthen your overall immune system.

9. Improve sleep and mental clarity.

10. Enhance the appearance of your skin, hair & nails.

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Additional Cleanse FAQs

How long should I cleanse for?

You have the freedom to choose how many days are right for you or if you are unsure where to start you can sign up for a free consultation with one of our Health and wellness advisors. We’ll help design a plan that is best for you and achieving your individual goals. The majority of people who do our cleanse typically order 3-5 day cleanses, but again it is based on your individual goals, and we can help you work out a plan that is best for you. Since our product is raw and perishable, you can pick up 3 days worth of juice at a time.

How do I transition onto and off of my cleanse?

We recommend that you ease your body onto and off of a full juice cleanse. Pre-cleansing can take anywhere from two days to two weeks, but the basic goal is to eliminate “toxins” from your current diet (caffeine, alcohol, meat, dairy, refined sugars, gluten), and to begin to add whole foods, juices, smoothies, raw salads, vegan soups, etc. to your diet. Post-cleansing is pretty much the same. This gives the digestive system a chance to start firing up again at a harmonious pace. We don't recommend eating meat until the digestive system has been at work for at least a week. When the time comes you decide to add meat back in, take it slow and listen to the signals your body gives you.

Can I create a custom cleanse?

Yes. You can work with one of our Health and wellness advisors to formulate a cleanse that is perfect for your body and individual needs. Cost of a custom cleanse varies based on the ingredients.

Can I eat on the cleanse?

We do not recommend eating solid food during your cleanse. When your body spends energy to digest food the juice cleansing process is slowed down.

If you need to eat during your juice cleanse, choose fruits, vegetables or soaked nuts and seeds such as the following:

- Celery

- Cucumber

- Apple

- Banana

- Carrots

- Avocado

- Soaked or Sprouted Almonds

- Chia Seed

Can I drink caffeine on the cleanse?

It is not recommended. Caffeine will act to stimulate the system and could be currently exhausting your adrenals. The cleanse is meant to flood your body with live enzymes and raw nutrients, and to give your body a rest from toxic habits, over-stimulation and exhaustion. We suggest weaning yourself off of caffeine slowly with green tea or yerba mate for up to a week before your cleanse, and hydrating immensely! If need be, green tea, yerba mate and preferably herbal teas are okay to use while cleansing.

Keep in mind that all stimulants tax the liver and adrenals. Taxing your liver while doing a juice cleanse is totally counterproductive. In the case you do need to power through a long day during your cleanse and need a boost of energy, your immediate options are freshly brewed green tea (no sweeteners or creamer). And another great option is a alkaline water.

What if I have no energy on the cleanse?

It is 100% normal and healthy to experience fatigue when you cleanse. Your organs are working hard to clean out and rejuvenate themselves during this break you are giving them, and the side effects can include a healthy bit of lethargy. If your schedule allows, try to just relax and let your body go through the process. Lying flat on your back, eyes closed, muscles relaxed, shallow breathing (not sleeping)–your body will thank you!

Can I workout on my cleanse?

Sure thing! Be sure to take it easy, though—no marathons. Think of your cleanse as it’s own physical event. That said, light exercise like yoga, jogging, walking, swimming, hiking, pilates, etc. is excellent for encouraging healthy detoxification and stimulating lymphatic movement. If it’s warm, try to get outside as much as possible! In general, if you plan to exercise, save a sweeter juice for immediately afterwards. The sweetness indicates that the juice is rich in carbohydrate, and these will replenish your glycogen stores and help you maintain sustained energy levels.

Is there a specific order I need to drink the juices in?

We do recommend an order in which to drink your juices. It is listed on our cleanse section of the website and the pamphlet you are given with your cleanse, but that said, every body is different. You might desire to drink them out of order, and that is totally fine!

What if I can’t finish all of my juices each day?

That’s okay! Everyone is different, and it can be shocking how filling juice actually is. You are not disrupting your cleanse by not finishing all your juices, It just means you may have extra day to cleanse if you want it. Be sure you are indeed drinking at least 8oz of water between each juice (preferably 16oz).

How do I get protein in my cleanse?

Our green juices and coconut shakes contain plant protein!

When should I plan to do my cleanse?

The best time to plan your cleanse is a time when you can indulge in the most mental and physical relaxation. For most of us, that is not a common circumstance, so just do your best to schedule around entertaining people, big meetings at work, stressful exams, weddings, holidays, etc! If you are a cleaning pro (aka your body is very accustomed to the process and is already very clean, then these do not necessarily apply). And a special note for women, try as best you can to schedule your cleanse away from the time of your menstruation. Best to cleanse just after a cycle for your hormones and your mental sanity!

I changed my mind when I got my cleanse, can I get a refund?

Sorry, no refunds. The resources and time it takes to make our amazing cleanses requires us to plan carefully, and in turn we politely ask our customers to do the same. It's not something to do spontaneously unless you know you have the time and the desire. If you are unsure whether or not you'll like it, start with a one day cleanse and go from there.

We are not responsible for a change in schedules, or anyone's dislike of juice in general, and we happily offer samplings of any/every juice before you purchase!