Who We Are

You are what you eat… which means that we’re interesting and tasty. For us, a healthy lifestyle isn’t about limiting yourself, it’s about balance

There are moments in life where you have to do what you have to do and then there are moments when you can throw it all out to do what you want to do. Town Center Cold Pressed brings together the necessary with the desire to create something that is more than better for your lifestyle.

We are the place for all types of people–obnoxious laughers, workaholics, meat-eaters, deep thinkers, basic brunch girls, veggie-lovers, coffee snobs, and the list goes on. So, bring your friends, bring your work, bring a book to the center of the town, because we’re just right for you.

Our Story

In 2014, Town Center Cold Pressed was brought to life by founders with a passion for good taste (in every sense of the phrase). Starting out as a small kiosk in the corner of a coffee shop, cold pressed juice was made known to Town Center Virginia Beach. From there, we grew into something bigger and wanted to become the place where anyone (and everyone) can come to eat and drink.

Our Ingredients

No matter what the meal or drink, all of our products are of high quality. So, whether you’re choosing to get a cold pressed juice or one of our non-GMO sodas, you can fully trust that our menu items are made with organic ingredients. All food should be made with integrity–and all of our menu items are prepared with exactly that.
Our menu is full of options for any type of eater. We believe in variety. We don’t limit ourselves when it comes to food and health, and we make sure that our ingredients cater to all kinds of diets.


We believe in collaborating with people that possess personality and passion, because two mindsets coming together is a beautiful thing. These are those we’ve collaborated with. These are our friends:

- Prince Ink

- Commonwealth

- Simon Studios

- West Elm

- Lululemon Athletica

- Origins

- Free People